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Ship Resources



Archives: Snape/Harry

  • Walking the Plank: Large Snape/Harry fic and art archive. It's mostly open; stories are checked for spelling and grammar but otherwise not judged on 'quality.'
  • After Class: Somewhat smaller SS/HP fic archive and mailing list. Again, it's mostly open.
  • From Dusk til Dawn: The Snape/Harry FQF. The quality can be a bit dodgy at times, but this FQF has been running since the fall of 2002. Almost 500 stories have been written for the various waves and many of them—particularly the early stories—are not archived elsewhere. You'll have to join the yahoo group to get the password.
  • Snarry.net: A newish Snape/Harry archive. It runs on eFiction and I believe it's open, but I had some trouble finding their rules.
  • The Silver Snitch II: Open archive, also running eFiction. TSS was originally one site for HP slash, and has now been broken up into three sites. This is the link to the Snape/Harry site.


Archives: General fandom

Snape/Harry is a pretty huge ship, and a lot of stories end up scattered across the internet. Here are some places to find stories which might not be on a pairing-specific archive.

  • Potter Slash Archive: The PSA has been around for years, so many early SS/HP stories are archived here and nowhere else. Password-protected, invite-only.
  • Ink Stained Fingers: ISF is large, open, and password-protected. It's also a bit difficult to navigate, but it's got a lot of Snape/Harry stories, several of which aren't archived elsewhere.
  • The Severus Snape Fuh-q Fest: Many of the earliest Snape/Harry stories were written for the first waves of the SSFF, and are only archived on their site. Like the SSHP FQF, the quality can sometimes be a bit dodgy, but it's still worth checking out.
  • Skyehawke: A large multi-fandom invite-only archive. Many Snape/Harry authors deleted their accounts from SH because of their unclear policy on chan, but many are still there and it's definitely worth having a look around. HP is by far the fandom with the most stories on the archive, and the quality is generally pretty high.
  • The Archive at the End of the Universe: Similar to Skyehawke, but they do allow the archiving of chan. Multi-fandom, invite-only. It's relatively new and still growing, but a lot of Snape/Harry authors ended up here.
  • The Restricted Section: When FFN (see below) pulled their NC-17 fic, the Restricted Section was born. It's password-protected and not terribly active, but some good SSHP authors still use it.
  • Fanfiction.net: Need I say more? They do not allow writers to archive NC-17 fic.




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